Come and Join Us for a FREE COMMUNITY TAI CHI CLASS at HOLY TRINITY CHURCH HALL, FORMBY - starting at 10am- on FRIDAY 27th Sept, Fri 25th Oct and Fri 22nd Nov 2019.

These TaiChi sessions are held monthly. They areFREE TO ATTEND and OPEN TO ANYONE. They include a Tai Chi class followed byTea/Coffee/Biscuits, together with the opportunity to stay and chat with myselfand other participants. A donation from REDROW‘SANDERLING PARK FORMBY’ COMMUNITY FUND has helped to finance thesesessions that are taking place to benefit the local community.

Pleasecome along and join us. Tai Chi is suitable for anyone, any age and any fitnesslevel. Everyone welcome.

UK Physical Activity Guidelines 2019 advise that older adults participate in activities such as Tai Chi to improve balance therefore reducing the risk of frailty and falls. Recent studies also show that Tai Chi helps people with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression and stress. Tai Chiis a gentle, low impact exercise that is practised for our health andwellbeing. It delivers many benefits to the body, mind and soul. Classparticipants have seen improvements to strength & balance, less joint pain& stiffness, increased range of motion & mobility, better flexibility,improved mood and lower stress levels.

The nextdates are Friday 27th September, Friday 25th October andFriday 22nd November 2019. Sessions start at 10am and finish at 12 noon.
27 Sep 2019 at 10:00am
until 27 Sep 2019 at 12:00pm

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I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Tai Chi and QiGong Instructor. I teach regular Tai Chi classes in Formby and the surrounding area.

Tai Chi is a low impact, gentle exercise that studies have shown to deliver great benefits to both our physical and mental health and well-being. It is particularly good at building strength, maintaining balance and coordination. It helps in the management of conditions such as joint pain, chronic pain, arthritis, myasthenia, fibromyalgia, reynaulds syndrome, depression, low mood and stress.

We are lovely, welcoming and friendly classes. Everyone exercises within their own comfort zone and limitations. My approach is to teach Tai Chi to you in a way that is safe, comfortable and to benefit your health and well-being. There is no pressure to become perfect practitioners overnight !

Check out my YouTube Channel to see some of the Tai Chi, QiGong and Low Impact Exercises that we do

Please email for more informations - Thanks
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